Sweet Piano Secrets

Learn the Tricks

Do you want to know the secrets?  Do you want to know why some people sound so darn good on the piano?  If so, you are in the right place!  This section is filled with the “tricks of the trade” that will have you sounding great in no time.  And like most tricks, you will discover that they are a lot easier to do than they look.

Get out your wand and let’s do some PianoChops Magic!


Inversions Trick
Key of C

Key of G
Key of D
Key of A
Key of E

The Alternating Note Trick
How FAST can you go?

Left Hand Rolling Tricks
Part 1 – Triads
Part 2 – Tips
Part 3 – C G Jams
Part 4 – 153 159 Many Keys
Part 5 – Minor
Part 6 – Major 7ths
Part 7 – Slash Chords