What is a Voicing?

What is a Piano Chord Voicing?

Don’t be sitting there with an odd look on your face when someone uses the term “voicing” anymore.  In this video you will learn what it means and how you can use it to change the sound of your chords.  This video will open your eyes to the world of arrangement and just how wide the possibilities are.

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  1. Hi Wade, I hope you’re well. I am a new member (this is the ending of my 1st month) and, unfortunately, I have not had much luck with your program. At the onset of my membership there was a glitch in the system and I (as well as others) could not see the videos. Well, I, again, cannot enjoy the new set up and new videos because the videos will not run (none of them). I’m excited to be a member of Pianochops but have not had much opportunity to learn new skills. Please help me with this matter. Thank you.

    Elizabeth Padilla Rios

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