Worship Piano Lessons

*If you experience “Choppy” videos that start and stop…go to the Wheel at the bottom right of the video and lower the video quality.

VIDEO 1 – “The Frame”

Learn this first and then everything else is built upon it! Alter a note or some rhythms and all of the sudden you have a new style.

PDF Chords by Color


VIDEO 2 – “Fancy Stuff”

Now that you understand “The Frame” and that chords are your foundation…let’s take it to the next level!

In this video you will learn the most common things I do to get away from the boring “Basic Chord Zone” and make the music sound FANCY.

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VIDEO 3 – “Hear and Play”

Work on these skills in order to increase your ability to hear something and play it.

1. Learn to hear chords.

2. Learn to hear licks and melodies.

*Each style you get good at builds your ear : )

Hear it Play it PDF Download