The Worship Path

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Step 1

The Beginner

Strings and Pads
Worship Atmosphere
Theory 101
…and more

Step 2

Next Steps

Ear Development
Play and Sing
Tricks and Secrets
…and more

Step 3

Gettin’ Good

Playing with a Band
Lead Sheets
Left Hand
Theory 103
…and more

Step 4

Gettin’ Great

Nashville Numbers
Bigger Chords
Lead on the Piano
Worship Set List
…and more

Step 5

The Leader

Leader of the Group
Choosing Keys
Advanced Theory
Overall Development
…and more

  • Advance from Stage to Stage

    Each stage is disigned to build certain skills.

  • Print and Check Off

    Print off a PDF check list for each stage.

  • Work at Your Own Pace

    No need to rush. Learn one thing at a time…and have fun!