Ragtime Piano Lessons

Mix It Up with a Little Ragtime

Those distinct and memorable syncopated rhythms of ragtime piano are both fun to play and a challenge to learn. You can master them, though, with these easy-to-follow videos.

Soon your audience will be tapping their feet and snapping their fingers in time with your tunes.!

There is something about ragtime that makes you want to bob your head and tap your toes to the unique rhythms. At Piano Chops, we can help you learn how to play ragtime piano, so you can master the left-hand patterns and enhance the steady, syncopated melodies.

Start Learning Ragtime Piano

Ragtime Lessons Overview

Ragtime practically demands some fun improvisations, and as you start to play with those melody lines, conquer the syncopated rhythms, and get to understand the most common ragtime piano chords, you’ll start to adapt the music to your own style without even thinking about it.

You will start to learn how the 2/4 and 4/4 time signatures impact the feel of the tune. You will start to train your left hand to hit a pattern of strong base notes while your right hand experiments with shifting octaves and new fill notes and chords. More importantly, you’ll start having a ton of fun.

Soon, your melodies will perfectly accentuate the syncopated beat as you become a master of improvisation.

Left and Right Hand (Common Tricks)

Ragtime Left Hand

This short video will give you an overview of how Ragtime Musicians made chords and bass notes with their left hands.

Left Hand Overview

Ragtime Right Hand

Learn how to play syncopated rhythms in your right hand in order to create the fun style of Ragtime.

Right Hand Overview

Ragtime Songs

Maple Leaf Rag

One of Scott Joplin's early works that would become a model for later ragtime compositions by other pianists.  This is one of the most famous ragtime songs and helped pave the way for Scott Joplin to become known as "King of Ragtime".

Part 1 - Measures 1-16
Part 2 - Measures 1-16
Part 3 - Future Lesson

More Songs