Frequently Asked Questions

Membership costs vary according to the plan you choose.

  • Monthly – $19.99
  • Quarterly – $49.99
  • Yearly – $149.99

*Plans automatically renew monthly, quarterly or yearly.  Cancel at any time.

Yes.  With Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly memberships you get access to ALL content on the site.
There are a lot of great videos on the internet.  There are also a lot of BAD videos.  In this site you are assured to receive quality training that is professionally recorded and organized so that you do not have to pull your hair out.  And don’t forget about the Play Along Tracks and Sheet Music!
Almost.  If you signed up on the 14th then you will be charged every month after that on the 13th.  It also works the same way for quarterly and yearly subscriptions.
  1. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. Go to “My Account” located in the top menu and click on “My Account”.
  3. On the next page you’ll see an option to change your password halfway down.
  4. **Follow the directions (such as using 12 or more characters) or it will not work).
  1. Click on “Login” at the top of the page.
  2. Under password and login there is a “Lost Password” link.
  3. **Follow the directions (such as using 12 or more characters) or it will not work).
If the “cookies” function is blocked then the login fails. Check your “privacy settings” that could be blocking websites which run cookies, especially if it’s on an iOS device (Or any Apple product).
First, check and make sure that video is set to full volume.  You can normally find this on the bottom right of the video.  It should have “full bars” or the volume button moved all the way to the right.  Next, check with other devices to see if you are having the same troubles (phone, computer, tables…)

If you are still having trouble contact us.

We will miss you. Go to the tab at the top that says “My Account” and you will see an option to cancel. Follow the directions on that page.
Go to the tab at the top that says “My Account” and you will see an option for Billing. On the next page you will see an option to “Update Billing”.
Refunds will be considered on a case to case basis.  

You are 75% of the way through your membership period and want to cancel.
You can cancel and still use the site until the time you paid for is up.  You will not receive a refund.

Your membership just automatically renewed and you forgot to cancel before the transaction.
Contact Us and we will issue a refund faster than you can go down a slide on roller blades.

The videos are hosted through another site called  Because of this there are rare times when a video will not load or play.  Typically the problem is fixed the next day by Vimeo and their IT department.

Users have also found that sometimes their computer is the issue and a simple reboot of the computer, tablet or phone will fix the issue.

Please CONTACT US at to let us know of any issue so that we can better serve you.

Yes!  Go to the Contact page and make sure and include as much information as possible.

EXAMPLE: On Video 1 of the Basic C Scales…

*We work 8am-5pm weekdays.  No weekends or holidays…these are for family and chocolates.

Go to the Lessons tab to check it out!  New lessons are added every week!
Everything!  Computers, iPads, Tablets and phones.  If there is a device that you are having trouble with please let us know on the Contact page.
I don’t know! This site is about piano…not Zebras.

Got your own Question? Here are some options:

Go to the Lessons!

If your question is of a musical nature jump over to the lessons page.
We do our best to tell you everything you need to know to be a piano pro!

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