Making Key Signatures Simple to Remember

Lucky Number 7 Before we talk letters…let’s talk numbers!  Go with me on this one. Here is your rule: It MUST equal 7. So, say you have the number 1.  How much more do you need to equal 7?  Answer: 6   [1 + 6 = 7] If you have 3?  Answer: 4   [3 + 4 = 7] 5?  Answer: 2 … Read More

Changing to New Key in Worship Piano

worship key pic

It almost always falls to the piano player to get the band from key to key. The main goal is to make it unnoticeable, or in other words, smooth. Here are a few things that have helped me over the years. Video Notes 1. If you can, try and put the worship set together in a way that makes changing … Read More

Piano Throughout History: The Invention of the Piano

Piano Throughout History: The Invention of the Piano | Piano Chops

The piano was invented around the year 1700, replacing the popular harpsichord. While the two instruments have a lot of similarities, they are two different instruments and the piano gave musicians the ability to create more feeling music. The piano, or pianoforte as its official name, has influenced the lives of many professional and amateur players since it first entered … Read More

How Early Should You Begin Learning to Play the Piano?

How Early Should You Begin Learning the Piano | Piano Chops

One of the most common questions piano teachers get is what age is best to start learning piano? The problem is that there is no right answer. If you are wondering if it’s right for you or your child, here are three factors to test readiness on when to start piano lessons. Physical Readiness There are several markers that show … Read More

3 Tricks to Take Your Blues Piano Skills to the Next Level

3 Tricks to Take Your Blues Piano Skills to the Next Level | Piano Chops

Playing the blues on the piano is a fun way to come alive on the keyboard. Not only is it fun for you, as the player, but crowds love hearing the blues too. It is such a unique style of music that isn’t heard as often. If you would like to learn blues piano and take it to the next … Read More

5 Ways Learning the Piano Helps Your Brain

5 Ways Learning the Piano Helps Your Brain | Piano Chops

Music is good for the soul. Every grade school student who did a science experiment that had plants listening to different kinds of music always found that it has a direct effect on growth and development. Most don’t take the experiment through all the way to the specific ways it helps the brain, but here are five specific ways it … Read More

Pianists in the Music Hall of Fame: Johnnie Johnson, Ronnie Kole, & Andre Watts

Pianists in the Music Hall of Fame: Johnnie Johnson, Ronnie Kole, and Andre Watts

The Music Hall of Fame is full of prestigious, hardworking, and talented musicians. Each has taken their chosen instrument and mastered it. By inducting these musicians, the world is acknowledging their contributions to the world. Here are three great men who have been recognized for their contributions on the piano, all in different categories. Johnnie Johnson: Rock and Roll Piano … Read More

What is a Voicing?

What is a Piano Chord Voicing?Don’t be sitting there with an odd look on your face when someone uses the term “voicing” anymore.  In this video you will learn what it means and how you can use it to change the sound of your chords.  This video will open your eyes to the world of arrangement and just how wide … Read More

Creating Worship Intros with Little Information

Simple Worship Intros on the PianoThe leader points at you and asks you to play an intro. No big deal right? What if it’s a new song and you don’t know the melody? Then, you look down and all you have is a chord/lyric sheet that does not tell you much information. YIKES!!! Here are a few tricks to help … Read More

Wasting Time

Keep Your Piano Out in the OpenHow to you get ahead? This VLOG (video blog) is about something that has helped me keep moving forward on any instrument I’ve every tried to learn. Video Summary One of the best inspirational quotes on how to get ahead on the piano is not about the piano, but by Henry Ford. He said, … Read More