You can learn to play the piano online with our huge library of lessons. We’ve designed our curriculum to let you go at your own pace as you master the keys. There’s no pressure here. We accept you for who you are and how fast (or slow) you learn to play piano.

These lessons provide a structured path to guide you from beginner to master as well as the freedom to focus on specific techniques you want to improve.


The Piano Chops curriculum makes it easy for you to develop your skills. Whether you’re learning specific play styles or developing your ear improving your ability to harmonize a melody, these curriculums help you get started and follow through until you’re pretty much amazing.

Check out the CURRICULUM PAGE to guide you in your journey. On this page you will find:

  • Curriculum for study in different areas
  • Printable PDFs curriculum guides

The Worship Path

This is a 5-step path to grow your skills in worship piano.

Each step focuses on certain skills, so you can build the necessary muscle memory in your hands and really understand the theory behind the wonderful music you’re making.

These online piano lessons also include convenient PDF checklist for each stage. You can print them out and work at your own pace until you’re playing the way you’ve always dreamed of.

Go to The Path and see how it works for yourself.

Lessons Lessons Lessons!

At Piano Chops, you can discover and learn a huge range of styles and techniques. Below is a list of all the different categories available to you right now.

Your hands are eager to learn… don’t keep them waiting!

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