How To Play By Ear

How Do I Play the Piano by Ear?

PLAY BY EAR = Not Reading Sheet Music (dots on a page)

Below are are the different categories that you need to know in order to play by ear ↓


  • The Basics

    If you don’t know anything about the piano yet…then you should go ahead and learn some of the basics first.

  • Roles of the Hands

    Understand the different roles of your right and left hands…and you will be on your way to making great music!

  • Learn Chords

    Chords are the BUILDING BLOCKS of almost everything you do while playing by ear. You should learn them : )

  • Songs and Chord Progressions

    Once you know how to play some chords…then you can recognize them and start to write them down. You’ll soon learn that certain GROUPS OF CHORDS will go together.

  • Different Styles

    Alter little things about the chords (like certain notes and rhythms) and you’ll soon be playing a new style. Once you learn a style it will become much easier to hear something and play it.

  • Patterns (Solo)

    Learning how to solo (improvisation) becomes much easier once you learn the sweet patterns that all the best musicians use.

  • Tricks

    Once you know how a trick is done…it’s not that difficult anymore. There are all kinds of tricks on the piano that make you look like a “Musical Magician”.

  • Theory

    There are many good Ear Players that don’t know Theory…but any great musician will tell you how it took them to a NEW LEVEL once they started learning it. It’s the glue that brings it all together!