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Here’s a little story. I’m from Hungary. I learned to play the piano from age 6 to 12 but always hated to practice and hated to go to class without practicing 🙂 For some reason I had to stop going to class and never missed playing the piano until a few years ago. I wanted to be able to worship with my husband who plays the guitar. So I asked my brother #1 (a professional musician) about buying an instrument. He helped us buy one – and the funny thing was that my brother #3 (living in France) asked him to help with the same issue a couple months earlier. So there I was with a cool electric piano but with no clue how to start learning. And then came you with pianomeditation first and then pianochops. I love the way you teach, your jokes, the jam tracks and how you encourage me through it all. And the new worship path is incredibly awesome.

So I emailed my brother #3 suggesting that he should visit your website and guess what, he had already signed up for Your courses. I know Google is our friend and we both find you through that but it was still cool that living in two different countries, not knowing about each other’s process we both ended up at your website.
So thank You for all your great work, God bless You greatly.


I just wanted to say thank you! I just purchased the three-month membership to Piano Chops about 4 hours ago and it is already blowing my mind!

I have been playing the piano by ear since I was a kid, but I am a copycat player. I listen to things and play them, but have never understood why certain things worked. It’s super frustrating when I learn a particular song with all its riffs and fills, but then can’t apply any of those tricks to other songs! I am finally starting to GET it! Now that your course is teaching me actual techniques, I have learned more in the last 4 hours than I have in the last 10 years. No exaggeration.

The magic shapes blew my mind! I was always afraid of having to transpose on the fly. Once I learned the positions (again, let me emphasize, this is just in the last 4 HOURS), I took a song I only knew in one key and played it in 5 RIGHT AWAY!

Seriously, I am loving this! God definitely led me to you on Youtube! I am using everything you have taught and are teaching to sharpen my skills as a keyboardist at my church.

Thank you again! You are such a blessing!

Your new student,

Veronica Hoddenbagh
Ottawa, Canada

I joined Piano Chops over 1 year ago, I’m very pleased with the results. In fact, yesterday, was my first time playing in the church worship team, I’ve always wanted to participate but I was nervous about it. Once I started playing, I actually felt comfortable because I’ve been practicing what I learned from you. Furthermore, everybody said that I really played very well. Finally, I can contribute to church thru worship. Please continue the good work, I’m sure there’s lots of people would like to learn from you.

BTW, for many years, I tried to learn on my own or even watched tutorials from YOUTUBE but I just got frustrated.
I wish I’ve know you long time ago.

God Bless…

I just wanted to let you know you have been my inspiration to play piano. I am considered a professional by many (not bragging), I would like to thank you for everything I know. You are a God anointed pianist and teacher. I really appreciate how you take the time to break down every single part for new players. If it weren’t for you and your consideration of beginners I would not be where I am today. I have moved on to other instruments as well and your skills that you’ve shared have helped me on those too! I just want to say I truly appreciate all you have done to make my career as a musician the success it is. Thank you so much! -Johnny Johnson

Thank you for your work on this website. I’ve been playing the piano for 16+ years for church. However I always played the hymns right out of the hymnal.
Without sheet music in front of me I couldn’t play my way out of a paper sack.

I recently switched churches and joined their worship team. I went searching online for lessons on how to play with the band. I needed to know how to how to play along with lead sheets and chord sheets.

I am so lucky that I found you on youtube. This led me to pianochops.com. Within a week of practicing these lessons so many connections were made in my brain. Last Suday I was able to play “fills.” I also noticed that what you say is true after practicing the videos on your site the muscle memory in my hands takes over. At one point I thought “Wow that sounded awesome. What did I just do?” I can sing along without concentrating on the sheet music and I sound much more professional. The music just flows. I can’t wait to see how I am doing after a few more months of practice with your lessons.

Anyway, as you can tell I haven’t been this excited about the piano in a long time. Your website is worth every penny. I will be recommending it to anyone that comes to me asking for lessons. God Bless. -Brian Corder

I play chords, but they sound “plunky” I’ve asked and asked musicians and piano players “How do you add all the fancy stuff?” They usually just shrug and say “oh practicing”…..auuugghhh! – by practicing WHAT?

Your lessons are the first I’ve seen that show the intro and filling process (without overwhleming the student). When you showed fills using the pentatonic scale I nearly leaped out of my skin. I understood the theory and recognized immediately, THIS, is what I had been asking for, but no one had been able to connect the dots for me.

You have the heart of a teacher, Wade. Believe me, that IS rare to find. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to create all these videos – what a HUGE blessing it is to me. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use your gift! -Tricia