Nashville Numbers

Also Known as the “Number System”

Instead of writing out chords…why not just use numbers?  There are so many advantages such as being able to transpose a song with ease.   It’s also music theory under your eyes.  You should learn it!

It might look like a math problem at first…


Learn how to use the Nashville Number System and it’s symbols.  Instead of seeing the chords with letters (Cm7) they are replaced with numbers (1-7).  There are many benefits in using this system like the ability to easily transpose a song or increasing your ear skills.  When a song is written using numbers you’ll never have to change the key of your chart, just decide what key you want to play it in and go.  Also, starting to think in numbers increases the ability to hear something and play it back and a rapid pace because it simplifies twelve key signatures down to just one.

Crash Course in Nashville Numbers

Change the Key of a Number Chart (with a word processor)

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This practice for Nashville Numbers will help you start thinking in numbers instead of letters.  We will take these numbers and play them in many different keys.  Don’t be afraid…you can’t do it!

Worship Style Practice

6m 4 1 5
1 6m 4 5
1 2m 4 5 6m
6/8 time | Slash Chords | b7