Middle C on the Piano

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Where is Middle C on the Piano?
Good Question!  This is an important place that musicians talk about all the time so you better know where it is unless you want to be lost and frustrated.  First, let me make sure you know where C is on the piano.

Where is C?
The black notes help guide where everything is at on the piano.  Simply look for the group of two black notes and once you find them you’ll notice a white note on the left side, in the middle and to the right side of them.  C is the note to the left.

How to I find Middle C then?
Count the C notes starting at the left side of the piano heading to the right. The 4th C is Middle C.
*It’s also the C that is visually about the middle of the piano.

Do you see C? I hope C is what you saw because if you didn’t see C then what you saw was not C. Ya see?!

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