Play Piano Like a Pro Series

A Little Bit of Everything

The “Play Piano like a Pro” series will take you from no piano experience to understanding an array of knowledge on the piano.  This book was written by professional pianists and instructors Cary Banks and Wade McNutt.  They will take you on a journey from scales to melodies, chords to songs and the basics to improvisation using many different styles of music.

Grab your piano and get ready to sound like a Pro!

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By Page Number

pg.3 not available
pg.4 not available
pg.5 Joy to the World
pg.6 not available
pg.7 Joy to the World (left hand)
pg.8-9 5 Finger Pattern
pg.11 Diatonic Pattern
pg.12 not available
pg.13 not available
pg.14 Major Triads By Color
pg.15 Minor Triads By Color
pg.17 Wayfaring Stranger
pg.18 Wayfaring Stranger (melody)
pg.20 Amazing Grace
pg.21 Amazing Grace (melody)
pg.23 A Major Deal
pg.25 Just Deamin’
pg.27 Ode to Joy
pg.29 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
pg.31 Keep it Country
pg.32 Nice House Mississippi
pg.33 Doin’ Ok
pg.35 Sussy
pg.37 Mo’ Blues
pg.39 Can I Hear an Amen
pg.40 Jazzy Morning
pg.42 Straight Groove in C BASIC
pg.42 Triplet Groove in G BASIC
pg.43 Shuffle Groove in A BASIC
pg.42 Straight Groove in C INT
pg.42 Triplet Groove in G INT
pg.43 Shuffle Groove in A INT
pg.44-47 not available
pg.48 C Major Scale
pg.48 G Major Scale
pg.48 D Major Scale
pg.49 A Major Scale
pg.49 E Major Scale
pg.50 C 1451 Cadence
pg.50 G 1451 Cadence
pg.50 D 1451 Cadence
pg.51 A 1451 Cadence
pg.51 E 1451 Cadence
pg.51 F 1451 Cadence




Mo’ Blues
Can I Hear an Amen (Gospel)

Wayfaring Str. (Melody and Chords)
Amazing Grace (Melody)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Doin’ Ok (Funky Blues)

Grooves and Improvisation
Strait 8th Groove in C
Rhythmic Groove in G
Shuffle Groove in A




Just Dreamin’ (7th Chords)
Ode to Joy
Jazzy Morning (Jazz)

Grooves and Improvisation