C 6th Trick

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6th Interval Trick
Using the 6th Interval is a great way to improve your solo and fill techniques.

What is the 6th Interval?
You can have a major 6th (M6) and a minor 6th (m6) but we are not going to talk about that right now.  All you need to know is:

  1. The scale
  2. How to count to 6

Since we are in the Key of C we will use that for our example.


Starting at “C” as 1, now count up to 6.  You should end up at “A”.  With your right hand put your thumb on C and your pinky on A.  A 6th!  Go team.  Now keep that same spacing in your hand and move up and down the scale.  If you moved up one note you should now be at a D and a B.

What are fills?

A fill is something that “fills” up the spaces in a song.  If the singer is not singing or an instrument is not playing a lead line or solo then someone should do a “fill” to fill up the space.  This will help keep the music interesting and take you one more step closer to sounding like a pro.

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