G Magic Shape

About This Lesson

*The INTRO VIDEO is the same for all of the “Magic Shape” videos.

The Magic Shape
This trick allows you to stay in the same place with your right hand and play 6 out of the 7 chords in a given key.

The trick works great in many styles such as Worship, Pop and Modern Country.

What to Expect

  • Explanation of the Magic Shape
  • Jam Tracks to practice the technique
  • Further explanation of why it works
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Benefits of the “Magic Shape”
1. It will give you a slightly fuller sound
2. It works well in many styles (worship, modern country, pop).
3. Little movement. Your right hand does not have to move at all.

Because this “magic shape” is creating sus, add9, and minor 7th chord, it really makes it sound right for the style. Just normal inverted chords will work…but I like this a little bit better.

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