All the Chord in a Key (Diatonic)


Chords that GO TOGETHER...

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Checkpoint 1 - Learn the Diatonic Chords in C and G

Have you ever wanted to write a song?

Have you ever noticed that certain groups of chords seem to go together?

If you've ever asked yourself these questions then you will be very interested to know the Diatonic Chords for each key. In most songs you are going to see groups of chords that just seem to go together for some reason. These videos will explain why.

  1. Key of C Chords (1 Video)
  2. Key of G Chords (1 Video)

Checkpoint 2 - Keys of D and A

  1. Key of D Chords (1 Video)
  2. Key of A Chords (1 Video)

Checkpoint 3 - Keys of E and F

  1. Key of E Chords (1 Video)
  2. Key of F Chords (1 Video)

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