Other Important Triads


The OTHER Chords…

*Checkpoints can be divided into daily, weekly or monthly lessons. Choose a speed that works for you.

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Checkpoint 1 – Augmented Chords

Just remember…to “Augment” means to widen or expand…

Augmented, Add 9, and Sus Chords

  1. Aug Intro
  2. Aug More Examples
  3. Aug The Theory

Checkpoint 2 – Add9 Chords

This chord is similar to the sus2 chords…but you add one extra note.

  1. Add9 Intro
  2. Add9 More Examples

Checkpoint 3 – Learn Suspended Chords

Suspended chords are those that have been kicked out of school because they did something wrong…ok…sorry for the bad joke.

These chords are USED A LOT more than you think. They are used in genres like Pop, Worship, Country and R&B. All you have to do is take a major chord and alter one note.

  1. Suspended Intro
  2. Suspended More Examples

“Sussy” SHORT SONG (watch all videos)

Checkpoint 4 – Diminished Chords

To diminish something means to make it smaller…

  1. Diminished Triads (watch all videos)