Part 2 - Worship

Part 2

Keep it Up! Work hard. Give glory.

Download Printable Checkoff List (PDF): Training for Church Part 2

*Checkpoints can be divided into daily, weekly or monthly lessons. Choose a speed that works for you.

Part 2

Key of D

Chords Used (D, G, A and Bm)
*Similar to the chords in "Oceans"

Checkpoint 1 - Grounded in Prayer - Basic Chords

Hello! Welcome to Part 2 of the Training. The first thing we need to do is start in prayer. Next I will show you the chords with the Right and Left Hands together. It may take a while to learn be patient...and enjoy!

Prayer and Chords

  1. Prayer and Chords
  2. Basic Jam Track

Sustain Pedal

Checkpoint 2 - Broken Chords

Breaking up the chords and playing them in a unique pattern will change everything...and give you a new dynamic to play the song in.

Broken Chords

  1. Broken Chords
  2. Jam Track

Checkpoint 3 - Chord Shapes

Using these shapes with your root chords will change the way you sound forever...and help give you that characteristic worship sound.

Chord Shapes 1

Chord Shapes 2

Checkpoint 4 - Setting the Mood and Advanced Broken Chords

CAUTION: The Advanced Broken Chords are fairly difficult. If you find it overwhelming I recommend skipping it and coming back later once you have developed your skills a little more.

Setting the Mood

Advanced Broken Chords

Checkpoint 5 - All Together

When playing a song in worship you will want to change the dynamics to add emotion and energy. In the next example I'm going to use everything shown in this how it changes the feel of the song.

All Together


Celebrate all of your hard work...go high five someone!