Part 3 - Worship

Part 3

Keep it Up! Work hard. Give glory.

Download Printable Checkoff List (PDF): Training for Church Part 3

*Checkpoints can be divided into daily, weekly or monthly lessons. Choose a speed that works for you.

Part 3

Key of E

Chords Used (E, F#m, A, B and C#m)
*Similar to the chords in songs like "Here I Am to Worship"

Checkpoint 1 - Grounded in Prayer - INTRO and Basic Chords

Hello! Welcome to Part 3 of the Training. The first thing we need to do is start in prayer. Next I will show you an Intro Lick (Signature Lick) and some Right Hand chords.

Prayer, Intro, Chords

Prayer and Intro


  1. Right Hand Chords
  2. Chord Progression
  3. Jam Track

Checkpoint 2 - Sustain Pedal and Left Hand

Keep working on using the sustain pedal correctly so that the chords are connected smoothly.

Sustain Pedal

Left Hand

  1. Left Hand
  2. Jam Track

Checkpoint 3 - Rolling Chords and 5125 Fills

These little secrets will really make you sound amazing!


  1. Rolling Chords
  2. Jam Track


  1. 5125 Fills
  2. Jam Track

Checkpoint 4 - More Fills

CAUTION: These fills are a little more difficult to if they give you trouble...just come back later to work on them.

More Fills

  1. More Fills
  2. Jam Track

Checkpoint 5 - Other Important Information

Setting the Mood
Playing with a Band

Celebrate all of your hard work...go get a pizza!