Part 4 - Worship

Part 4

Small Habits + Consistency Over Time = Success

Download Printable Checkoff List (PDF): Training for Church Part 4

*Checkpoints can be divided into daily, weekly or monthly lessons. Choose a speed that works for you.

Part 4

Key of C (Fast)

Chords Used (C, F, G and Am)
*Similar to the chords in songs like "Lord I Lift Your Name On High"

Checkpoint 1 - Grounded in Prayer - INTRO and Basic Chords

Hello! Welcome to Part 4 of the Training. The first thing we need to do is start in prayer. Next I will show you the chords using the C Magic Shape.

Prayer and Chords

  1. Prayer
  2. C Magic Shape Explanation
  3. Chord Workout
  4. Basic Jam

Checkpoint 2 - Sustain Pedal and New Rhythms

Keep working on using the sustain pedal correctly so that the chords are connected smoothly.

Sustain Pedal
New Rhythms
Intermission Song : )

Checkpoint 3 - Pentatonic Fills and More

Think Shapes! Fill up the space where nothing else is going on.

Pentatonic Fills
More Fills

Checkpoint 4 - Advanced Bass & Right Hand

CAUTION: This is a little more difficult. If it makes your head may want to come back to it later in time.

Advanced Bass & Right Hand

Checkpoint 5 - Setting the Mood


You Are Awesome!