Training for Church – Part 6

Part 6

You’ve made it this far…ya might as well keep on goin’!

Download Printable Checkoff List (PDF): Training for Church Part 6

*Checkpoints can be divided into daily, weekly or monthly lessons. Choose a speed that works for you.

Part 6

Key of F (4/4 Time)

Chords Used (Dm, Bb, F, C)
*Similar to the chord progression in songs like “Let it Rain”

Checkpoint 1 – Grounded in Prayer – Basic Chords and Guitar Picking

Hello! Part 6 shows you how to take a few chords and make them sound great.


  1. Prayer
  2. Basic Chords and Jam
  3. Guitar Picking and Jam

Checkpoint 2 – Bigger Chords, Add Notes, and Bass Drum

Take your chords out of the “Basic Chord Zone” by making them a bit bigger and then moving them around.

  1. Bigger Chords and Jam
  2. Bigger Chords and Add Notes Jam
  3. Bass Drum

Checkpoint 3 – Patterns and Fills

Patterns make you sound awesome…and develop your hands & ear.

  1. Pattern
  2. Fill with 7th Note of Scale

Checkpoint 4 – Major Chord Fills

Doing fills based off of the major root chord is an easy way to add to a song.

  1. Root Major Chord Fills and Jam

Checkpoint 5 – Pads

Learn to add a great atmosphere to worship with pads.

  1. Pads

I Give You 3 Thumbs Up! (wait…how is that possible?)