Worship Tricks and Secrets

Raindrops from Heaven

This technique is perfect for prayer and setting the tone for worship. Let your notes fall like raindrops.

Key of C

  1. Raindrops (watch all videos)

The Magic Shape

The Magic Shape will give you the sound of worship piano without moving your right hand from one spot. Learn this amazing pattern and you can apply it to any key that you are in.

Key of C

  1. The Magic Shape (watch all videos)

⇒Find this in other keys on the Sweet Secrets page.

Alternating Note Trick

This trick is a MUST-HAVE in your bag of chops. When played slowly it can set the mood for worship or be the perfect background ambiance for prayer. Learn to play it at a rapid speed and it will be one of the most enjoyable things that you play!


  1. Alternating Note Trick (watch all videos)

Intermediate and Advanced

The Pivot Note Trick

This is a sneaky little trick that will help you add subtle beauty to your sound. Getting to know this movement will also get you in line to play some gospel licks.

Key of C

  1. Pivot Note Trick (watch all videos)

⇒Find this in other keys on the Sweet Secrets page.

Inversions Trick

Who thought inversions of a chord could sound so sweet...well it can! When used in the right way this is a beautiful trick.

*If you are unfamiliar with inversions you may want to watch one of the chord videos on this page: Piano Major Chords.

Key of C

  1. Inversions Trick

⇒Find this in other keys on the Sweet Secrets page.

Anchor Pinky

Move around to different chords without moving your pinky.  Great for creating the worship sound!!

Trick Explanation

C Example
G Example 
D Example
E Example
A Example
F# Example