D Old Country


“Grab some Ice Tea!”

Download Printable Checkoff Sheet (PDF): D Old Country_Improv

*Checkpoints can be divided into daily, weekly or monthly lessons. Choose a speed that works for you.

Checkpoint 1 – The “CLAW” (add 9 shape)

This is probably one of my most used techniques…and it spills over into many other genres.

  1. Basic (watch videos 1-4)
  2. Intermediate (watch all videos)
  3. Advanced (watch videos 1-2)

Checkpoint 2 – The Pentatonic Scale

Make sure and visualize this in its two shapes. Use this scale along with the “Claw” and magic will happen!

  1. Basic (watch videos 5-8)
  2. Advanced (watch video 3-5)

Checkpoint 3 – Arpeggios

Playing the notes of a chord individually up and down will really reinforce the old country style.

  1. Advanced (video 6)

Checkpoint 4 – Put it All Together

Here is an example of how all of the different techniques can go together. You need to spend A LOT of time (I mean A LOT) playing with the jam track. You have to give yourself time to develop these skills in your hands.

  1. All Together Example (video 7)

Checkpoint 5 – Jam Track

Have Fun! Jam, make mistakes and again spend A LOT of time working the above with this jam track. After time your hands will do this on its own.