Rock Piano Lessons

Are You Ready to Rock?!

We don’t recommend kicking the piano bench away as you stand up to rock out on the piano… but we completely understand if you can’t help it.

Start learning some rock chords on the piano and prepare to rock the world.

At Piano Chops, we help you gain the knowledge, experience, and muscle memory you need to play your part in any rock band. From power chords to extended rock ballads, you’ll soon be playing like a real rock legend.

Start Rocking the Piano

Rock & Roll Lessons Overview

Whether you’re playing keys in a band or just prefer a playing style that is all about energy and enthusiasm, it all starts with learning rock and roll piano chords.

You can master amazing solos for the middle of your catchy pop-rock tunes or improvise with a great jam band that believes there’s no reason to ever play something the same way twice. Either way, these lessons are a great place to get started.

There’s more to rock piano than playing as hard and fast as you can, though. Discover how the nuances of your chords and progressions can give your performance a memorable character.

Classic Rock

The Styles of: The Rolling Stones, the Doors, Van Morrison...

Em - Left Hand Groove | Electric Piano | Blues Licks

Pop Rock

The Styles of: Billy Joel, Elton John, The Police, Phil Collins...

"My Tune" in the Style of Elton John:
Eb - Chords and Rhythm (Basic)
Eb - Left Hand and More (Intermediate)
Eb - Tricks (Advanced)

"Keyboard Girl" in the Style of Billy Joel:
C - Hidden 6th Trick (Basic)
C - Chords and Am Blues (Intermediate)
C - Walk-Up and Blues (Advanced)

Blues Rock

The Styles of: Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Howlin' Wolf, The Rolling Stones, the Animals...


Southern Rock

The Styles of: Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshal Tucker Band, ZZ Top...



Hard Rock

The Styles of: AC/DC, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, KISS, Van Halen...