Making Key Signatures Simple to Remember

Lucky Number 7

Before we talk letters…let’s talk numbers!  Go with me on this one.

Here is your rule: It MUST equal 7.

So, say you have the number 1.  How much more do you need to equal 7?  Answer: 6   [1 + 6 = 7]

If you have 3?  Answer: 4   [3 + 4 = 7]

5?  Answer: 2

Ok, now let’s apply it to key signatures.  There are always keys that seem hard to remember.  But, with this little trick, you’ll be rockin’ in no time!  So, let’s start with the key of F.  The key of F has 1 flat.  But how many sharps does the key of F# have?  Do our calculation from above.  Answer: 6!

(The trick works by going from the same LETTER’S shart/flat to the opposite)

The key of G has 1 sharp.  How many flats does the key of Gb have?  Answer: 6!

The key of A has 3 sharps.  How many flats does the key of Ab have?  Answer: 4.

Get it yet?!

Let’s try in the opposite direction.  Say that you are having trouble remembering how many sharps are in the key of B.  But, you know how many flats are in the key of Bb (2 flats).  That would mean that the key of B has…yup…5 sharps!!!!

Just some fun brain games for you today : )

-Piano Chops

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