Piano Chords

Learning Piano Chords

At Piano Chops, you can learn to play chords like a pro. You will master some simple three-note chords and discover all the tricks and techniques you need to play the more difficult chords. Soon, you’ll be playing inversions while getting more familiar with what chords go to what key. Rock on Baby!

Good luck and jam out with some sweet chords! 

NEED MORE STRUCTURE?  Check out the Curriculum Page for Piano Chords

Building Your Chord Knowledge

One of the big secrets to playing piano by ear is learning how to play lots of chords. But who wants to take the time to memorize all the piano major chords and make sure you recognize every minor variation? There’s a better way to expand your chord knowledge.

Have you ever seen a house under construction? In the earliest stages, the home is really nothing more than a skeleton or frame made of lumber, brick, or steel. All you have is a basic shape and structure, and not much else.

This is what your chords are – a frame upon which you can build almost anything. When you have a good understanding of chords, you can construct your house to match your own unique design. In musical terms, that “unique design” is what we like to call your “style.”

You only have to learn a few of these chords to build a foundation. After that, you can start altering notes and rhythms and all the sudden you’ll have a blues, country, worship, funk, classic or other awesome style.

Inversions and 7ths

Secret to Creating Inversions

Inversions Secret – Basic Lesson
Inversions Secret – Intermediate Lesson
FREE Chord Voicing – Intermediate Lesson

7th Chords

FREE C7 CM7 Cm7 | All 7th Chords
7th Chords Trick – Basic Lesson
7th Chords Trick with Inversions – Intermediate
7th Chords Upper Structure – Advanced

Other Tricky Chords

(They seem “tricky”…but they’re not!)

C5 | Power Chords (no3)
C6 Cm6 | Sixth Chords
C2 | Another Way to Say (add9)
C2(no3) | Another Way to Say (sus2)
C4 | Another Way to Say (add11)


Chord Workouts

These chord workouts will help your ear and hands in many different ways. The Beginner Diatonic Chords improve music theory and enhance your ability to pick out a song by ear. The Intermediate and Advanced levels train your hands and eyes to see the inversions that are essential to becoming a great player.


Here is a way to test how well you know your root major and minor triads on the piano. Not only do you have to know them but you’ll also have to move in the circle of 4ths. Are you up for it? Major and Minor in 4ths