It’s a Classic

Learn Classics on the Piano

There are songs that you just know…even though you don’t know that you know them…ya know?!  The classics have been around forever and contain those familiar melodies that get stuck in your head.  Many of the classics even started out with different lyrics.

I know that song!

Patriotic Tunes


FREE America the Beautiful

Lullaby Tunes

Christmas Tunes


Away in a Manger
FREE Deck the Halls (Play and Sing)
FREE Jingle Bells


The First Nowell (Left Hand Rolls)
Deck the Halls (Left Hand Chords)


The First Nowell (Creating Chords Below a Melody)


O Come All Ye Faithful (Drone Notes)

Classical Tunes


Cannon in D

Fun Tunes



Happy Birthday (basic, polka, and blues)


Ragtime Left Hand

This short video will give you an overview of how Ragtime Musicians made chords and bass notes with their left hands.

Left Hand Overview

Ragtime Right Hand

Learn how to play syncopated rhythms in your right hand in order to create the fun style of Ragtime.

Right Hand Overview

Maple Leaf Rag

One of Scott Joplin’s early works that would become a model for later ragtime compositions by other pianists.  This is one of the most famous ragtime songs and helped pave the way for Scott Joplin to become known as “King of Ragtime”.

Part 1 – Measures 1-16
Part 2 – Measures 1-16