All Major Chords By Color

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Learning the Major Triads (three note chords)

It’s a lot easier to learn your triads in groups than it is to learn them one by one.  Luckily there are white and black notes on the piano that give us great pictures of how each chord is created.  Take time to study each of these groups while playing them on the piano.

Major Triad Groups

White White White
C = C E G
F = F A C
G = G B D

White Black White
D = D F# A
E = E G# B
A = A C# E

Black White Black (Oreo)
Db = Db F Ab
Eb = Eb G Bb
Ab = Ab C Eb

Black Black Black
F# = F# A# C#   -or-  Gb = Gb  Bb  Db
*While playing the piano notice how both of these chords play the same notes.

Black White White
Bb = Bb D F

White Black Black
B = B D# F#

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