Figure Out Chords


Ear drop and give me twenty!

Download Printable Checkoff Sheet (PDF): Hear a Song and Figure Out Chords

*Checkpoints can be divided into daily, weekly or monthly lessons. Choose a speed that works for you.

***These lessons are pretty intense...make sure and take your time so that your ear can develop correctly.

Checkpoint 1 - The Basics

Remember...think BASS NOTES! Once we get you thinking about the bass notes we will start to add distractions that make it more difficult to hear.

  1. Part One Watch All Videos

Checkpoint 2 - What the Bass Notes Tell You

The bass notes are going to tell you important information. These videos will show you how to tell what a chord is just by finding the bass note. This will work around 90% of the time. Then we will throw in a few more distractions.

  1. Part Two Watch All Videos

**You may also want to watch the video on C Diatonic Chords.

Checkpoint 3 - The Other Common Things that Happen

Sometimes the bass note moves but the right hand chord does something different. These videos will take you through the common things that happen. At the end of the series you will be able to practice everything at once.

  1. Part Three Watch All Videos