Sweet Piano Secrets

Learn the Tricks

Do you want to know the secrets?  Do you want to know why some people sound so darn good on the piano?  If so, you are in the right place!  This section is filled with the “tricks of the trade” that will have you sounding great in no time.  And like most tricks, you will discover that they are a lot easier to do than they look.

Get out your wand and let’s do some PianoChops Magic!

General Piano Tips

NOTE:  Go to the style pages (country, worship, blues…) to see Secrets and Tricks that are specific to those styles.

Here are a few random piano tricks that are worth having in your bag.  They are especially handy when you’re starting to play with other musicians.

Beginner Survival Tactics
Guitar Capo Issues
Remembering Key Signatures (Blog)

Manipulating Chords

The Magic Shape

This trick can be used in a lot of Pop, Country, R&B, and even Worship styles.  Instead of playing your normal three note triads you’ll be able to keep your hand over only five notes without moving.  The shape gets you playing suspended and minor 7th chords without even thinking about it…and before you know it the songs will be sounding better than normal.

Key of C
Key of G
Key of D
Key of A
Key of E

Pivot Note Trick

Any basketball players out there?  When you pick up the ball you have to keep one foot in place and “pivot” around it.  This trick does the same thing because you are going to pick a note of a chord and pivot around that note.  The effect is a cool sound that you can use for fills or to bulk up certain styles.

Key of C
Key of G
Key of D
Key of A
Key of E

Inversions Trick

Alright theory nerds, let’s get to work!  This trick depends on your ability to play triad inversions on the piano very quickly.  It may take a little time to work out but once you get it mastered a beautiful technique will be under your hands.  Use it for fills or just sounding pretty.  Give your power ballads a little more juice!

Key of C
Key of G
Key of D
Key of A
Key of E

The Alternating Note Trick

Now we are going to take whatever chords you are playing and alternate the notes.  You might alternate with just the right hand or even notes from both hands.  This trick is so fun and unique that it could even be a style of it’s own!  Use it to add some fills or rhythms to your song.

Sneak Peak <<<<<
Basic Trick
“Add Notes” and Inversions
How FAST can you go?

NEW The Anchor Pinky

This trick lets you keep your pinky finger in one spot and still create almost every chord you will need.  This trick helps you create unique and cooler sounds.

Basic Lesson
Intermediate Lesson

NEW The 2m to 1 Trick

By moving between only two chords you’ll be able to create some sweet-sounding fills!  Like…really sweet!!!

C Trick (All Levels)
D Trick (All Levels)

Arpeggio Tricks

Arpeggios are one of those things that can add a little sparkle to your piano playin’. Use them at the end of songs or even between lyrics where you need to “fill” in the spaces. All you have to do is play the notes from bottom to top or vice versa. Then do the same thing an octave above or below. This is another great thing to develop for your bag of tricks.

Left Hand and Interval Tricks

Left Hand Rolling Tricks

Tired of playing one note or just octaves with your left hand?  Here are many different options that give the left hand some cooler things to do.  The left hand’s role also changes depending on what style of music you are playing.  If you want to develop further you’ll need to start learning different styles on the piano like blues, jazz, classical, and so on.

Part 1 – Triads
Part 2 – Tips
Part 3 – C G Jams
Part 4 – 153 159 Many Keys
Part 5 – Minor
Part 6 – Major 7ths
Part 7 – Slash Chords

6th Interval Trick

This is a great trick used for solos or fills in many styles of music.  All you’ll have to do is learn how to create a 6th interval spacing and understand the major scale and you’ll be on your way!  Jam with the instructor and enjoy this sweet secret.

Key of C
Key of G
Key of D
Key of A
Key of E
Key of B
Key of F# or Gb
Key of C# or Db
Key of F
Key of Bb

Key of Eb
Key of Ab

The Hidden 6th Trick

Your hands are going to give the illusion of playing normal chords, but with a small alteration, you’ll create a 6th interval that sounds really sweet.  A great trick for fills!

NEW Hidden 6th