Learning New Keys on the Piano

Let’s be honest…there is a reason that most people struggle with learning how to play in new keys on the piano.  I discovered this reason over and over again while teaching my college students.  What is it you ask?  Well…watch and see! Video Summary Playing in different keys is a little intimidating to many piano players, especially at first. Let … Read More

Piano Loops “Glass Plastic”

I thought it would be fun to try and figure out how to mic a real piano and then hook it up to a loop pedal.  This is what happened… -Wade Please leave your comments below and add to the conversation!

Putting Chords to Melody

When writing a song you need to be able to find chords that fit the melody in a complementary way.  Here is a simple way to figure out what chords to use. -Wade Video Summary I got a question about having a melody and wanting to put chords to it. How do you do it? Let’s say you’re in the … Read More

How to Choose a Keyboard (Digital Piano)

Here is a video blog I made since I get a lot of questions about keyboards.  Once you know the difference between the features of home and professional keyboards you’ll have a better idea of what will fit your needs. -Wade Video Summary A question I get a lot is “What keyboard should I buy?” There are so many out … Read More

Arrange Your Band…With the Piano!

You can use the piano to arrange your band…and make sure that everyone has their correct place.  Have you ever wondered why you can’t hear people sometimes??  Just maybe it is not the sound guy’s fault. -Wade Video Summary The piano has a wide range of notes, from low to high, which helps arrange your band. Start with a little … Read More

How Long Does it Take to Learn the Piano?

Having a good mindset is important when trying to learn a new instrument…or learn anything! -Wade Video Summary A very common question people have before starting lessons is how long does it take to learn the piano? Let me tell you, it takes 3 weeks, 4 days, and 22 minutes. The real answer comes from something my mom used to … Read More

Your Role in the Band – Piano Players

Learn to alter the way you play depending on how many musicians are in the band…and what they are playing.  The key word is “LISTEN”. The goal is to fit in and add to what is going on…not muddy up the sound.  Check out this fun example video! -Wade Video Summary One thing that will take you from sounding like … Read More

How do I Play the Piano with Two Hands?

What is the role of each hand when playing the piano for country, worship, blues and other genres?  It’s pretty simple if you think about it the right way. Video Transcription Hey Everybody, what’s going on? Wade McNutt here, Piano Meditation, Piano Chops, uh, hope you are having a blessed day. Just wanted to answer a little question, uh, that … Read More

Play Piano Like a Pro PDF – Members Only

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