Your Role in the Band – Piano Players

Learn to alter the way you play depending on how many musicians are in the band…and what they are playing.  The key word is “LISTEN”.

The goal is to fit in and add to what is going on…not muddy up the sound.  Check out this fun example video!


Video Summary

One thing that will take you from sounding like an amateur to a pro is this quick tip. It’s all about the difference in what makes up the band. If you’re leading the band and the only one playing the piano, you play differently from when you’re trying to make up everything versus when you have a full band.

For example, if you have a whole band playing a song, you have a lot of sounds already. The amateur piano player will try and play every sound with the band, which muddies up the sound. A professional player will scale back and not play as much, just adding in their own small part when it is needed. It’s so much nicer than pounding away on the piano and competing for sound.

If there is no band, you can play more. When it is just you on the piano, play heavier to get all the sounds necessary to make it sound full and complete. It’s usually a more complicated part than with a band, but it helps bring in a better accompaniment. This makes up for the lack of other instruments.

That’s the one big tip, really. Be aware of what is going on around you musically by listening. That will help you know how much or how little to play to make a really nice sound. Keep on jamming!

7 Comments on “Your Role in the Band – Piano Players”

  1. Cool video Mr McNutt. How you get so smart? You must be graduate of south Plains College. SERIOUSLY, THE PART ABOUT “LISTEN” – so important. My philosophy is that no matter what the style, size of the band or type venue, my job as a musician is to serve the song, serve my fellow band mates and to serve the audience. If I just listen, the song will inform me what to play. That’s all for now.. Cary C Banks

  2. Thank you very much Mr McNutt it does help me in playing piano as a beginner..i dont belong to any band but sometimes i play in the church for the glory of God.
    Looking forward for more videos specially fie the beginners like me..
    May God bless you more!!!

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