Wasting Time

Keep Your Piano Out in the Open

How to you get ahead? This VLOG (video blog) is about something that has helped me keep moving forward on any instrument I've every tried to learn.

Video Summary
One of the best inspirational quotes on how to get ahead on the piano is not about the piano, but by Henry Ford. He said, “It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste time”. We all waste time with television or other activities. Think about what you could do less of or get rid of that would help you make progress on something you’re trying to improve. Keep encouraging yourself and work on these things.

The best way to learn an instrument is to put it out in the open. If you put an instrument under your bed or in a closet, you will forget about it and forget to practice. Same thing with music. If you’re trying to learn a new piece, keep it out on the piano so when you sit down or walk by, you see it. Read the comments below to read about things other people have cut out or how they stay motivated when learning the piano. Add your own suggestions too.

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  1. Agree with you wade. Also i have a set time each day set aside to practice. It’s mon to fri my lunch hour before i start work. It’s my practice time and that’s it. I’m blessed with having the time i understand others don’t have it but a set time every day works for me.
    I’m enjoying working through the worship piano curriculum.
    God bless

  2. So true wade, I waste some much time man and exactly what you are saying now that what I am doing leaving the keyboard out and just having an open mind towards practicing, learning, staying purr towards practicing and having the love to learn more… God bless your ministry bro..

  3. Hi Wade I I am very cuffed I played Oceans in for the first time last week at out quarterly 050 meeting. First time ever. Thank you…… Gave up TV for piano… Our church ban thinks I rock. Do cuffed

  4. Great talk there sir. it’s true but there are issue learners who get to see the piano just on Sundays in church or Saturday during rehearsal for Sunday’s service. It’s strange but it’s true. The tendency is that those who got the facilities rarely use it but those who don’t, long for it. Haha like me. How ever I built a mental piano where I see the piano in my mind

    1. I had a teacher once that grew up in Chile. He drew a picture of a piano on a piece of paper and practiced that way because they did not have enough money to buy one. He was amazing!

  5. Same here? Wasting time with the same songs over and over again .. until I say to my self ” you should be learning something new” “anything” ?

  6. Hi, Wade! Very good theme that can never be exhausted. The thought that came to my mind is this: I work with horses, doing a dressage. The horse is learning elements slowly and every little positive step it does towards a full element I encourage by a snack it likes or a piece of sugar. This way a young horse brain is getting a positive “taste” or stimula about the right thing it does… and I always finish the horse training on a positive note and tell her/him how good it was… May be same method in a way would be applicable to us, humans. We should encourage ourselves for small steps toward growth, may be eat favorite piece of chocolate (small one;))), always build up ourselves after practice and think of good small achievements. It is important to always end on a positive note. We have a tendency to criticize ourselves too much and negative motivation does not work too long… and we end up avoiding the piano in the living room …

  7. I am involved in several different musical groups (Worship Team for Sundays, Women’s Worship team leader, children’s choir director, outreach band, and give voice lessons) and often just get overwhelmed with the enormity of what needs to be learned or planned or re-arranged, etc. and get tempted to just chuck it all and take a night off!! LOL Then recently our worship leader gave us a book to read called Worship Matters. In it he states that the purpose of practicing isn’t to practice until we get it right, but to practice until we can’t get it wrong! That put some fire in me to work harder, strive longer, and seek out new ways of doing things that make the impossible possible (at least for me) especially on the keyboard where my skills lack!

  8. Hi Wade.. I’ve had Piano chops for some time but only dipped in and out of lessons when I wanted to learn or understand some thing. Recently my son heard me playing and noted the progress I made…but then commented that I need to it to the next level… I’m now about to start that journey .

    Charlie…. uk

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