Show and Tell

Piano Chops Students Show Skills

We get videos of our students jamming and showing off what they have learned on the site.  This page is dedicated to posting those videos and letting everyone see the amazing progress of people from around the world.  ENJOY!!

Stewart Chan

Learning how to jam from the Improvisation Page.  Here he has been working through the "Advanced R&B" lessons in the key of C.  After repetition over time his hands will start to think on their own...then it gets really fun!

Jazz Piano is not a day or week's a lifetime trip!  One of the things you have to do is train your hands to play common chord movements.  It's not easy, but it sure is fun!!

Worship in B is one of the final lessons in the 5 Step Piano Worship Path.  You can also find it on the Worship Piano page.  In this lesson he is training the hands to play fuller sounding chords as well as play "fills" in-between the chords to add color, style, and beauty.  Don't forget...he's also playing in the key of B!  It's not as hard as you would think!!

Gary Klock

This is "The First Noel" from the Classic Songs page [Advanced - Creating Chords Below a Melody].  At this point Gary has been a member of Piano Chops for quite a while.  You can see how fluid his playing is becoming.  This lesson demonstrates how to play a melody and add chords to it.

Gary talking about the Piano Worship Path from the site and other things that he has learned.