Country Style Workouts


"Time to Hit the ol Dusty Trail..."

Download Printable Checkoff Sheet (PDF): CLICK HERE

*Checkpoints can be divided into daily, weekly or monthly lessons. Choose a speed that works for you.

Checkpoint 1 - Walk Ups and Downs

How did the chicken get from one chord to the other in the country song?  You'll find out.

  1. Overview of Walk Ups and Downs (3 videos)
  2. Key of C (1 video)
  3. Key of D (1 video)
  4. Key of E (1 video)
  5. Key of F (1 video)
  6. Key of G (1 video)
  7. Key of A (1 video)

      Checkpoint 2 - Slip Note and Hammer Tricks

      It's the little things that make a huge difference.  It all started with a piano player trying to imitate the steel guitar.  Here ya go:

      1. D - Trick on any Major Chord (1 video)
      2. E - Trick on any Major Chord (1 video)
      3. A - Trick on any Major Chord (1 video)
      4. C - Pentatonic Shapes (1 video)
      5. F - Pentatonic Shapes (1 video)
      6. G - Pentatonic Shapes (1 video)

      Checkpoint 3 - Country Blues

      This is a simple blues movement that you will hear in bluesy country tunes.  Get used to the feeling in the right hand.  See the patterns!

      Country Blues Videos (8 videos at the link)

      1. Intro G
      2. A
      3. B
      4. C
      5. D
      6. E
      7. F
      8. Bb