STEP 1 – The Blues Path
“The Beginner”

Can take between 1 to 6 months or more to complete. Take your time and have fun!

The Worship Path
“The Beginner”

Can take between 1 to 6 months or more to complete. Take your time and have fun!

It all Starts Here!

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”
-B.B. King

Step 1 Overview

*Lesson LINKS are further down this page.

  • Big Picture Goals

    Know the process and stick to it!

  • Blues Noodling

    Learn some licks before adding the rhythms.

  • Blues Basics

    What makes this style sound like this style.

  • Overview of the Blues

    A short history.

  • The "Stank Face"

    How a “look” can sound so good!

  • Blues Solo Tricks

    Breaking down different things you can do in a solo.

  • Putting It All Together

    Now we will take all of the tricks and put them together.

  • Music Theory

    Know what you are doing so that you can do more!

  • Random Other Stuff

    Other things that are good to know.


Find a practice schedule that works for you. Choose a time every day or at least three times a week that you block off to practice. Let your family know : )

Print Checkoff Sheet

Click the link to download and print the check off sheet.  This will be important motivation for you.  Leave it out in the open to remind you what you are working at accomplishing.  >>>Worship Path Step 1<<< Updated on 10/23/2017

1 – Big Picture Goals

So…what do you really need to be thinking throughout this process?  Understand what you are shooting for and you’ll make it to the end a lot easier.

Big Picture Goals

2 – Blues Noodling

Noodling is a bad thing in a full group practice, but it can be a great thing when learning new tricks on your own.

Blues Noodling

3 – Blues Basics

Back to the basics of the blues.  There are certain things that make the blues sound right, so you better start working on them now.

Blues Sustain Pedal
Blues Rhythms
Blues Solo Rhythms

OPTIONAL: Other Beginner Stuff [in case you need it]

  1. Where is Middle C?
  2. Notes of the Piano (5 Videos)
  3. Whole Steps and Half Steps (2 Videos)

4 – Overview of the Blues

Check this out for a quick history of the blues.  Learn and listen:

Blues History

5 – The “Stank” Face

This one is to be silly.  But honestly, there is waaaay too much truth in this.  Sometimes how you look can make you sound better.

The Blues Stank Face

6 – Blues Solo Tricks

The following are the first set of tricks that you’ll need to get your hands use to.  These are basic but will build your skills to the next level.

Checkpoint 1 – Form and Basic Chords You MUST learn the basic form if you are going to play the blues. There are 12 bars (measures) and they are common in more songs than you know.

  1. 12 Bar Blues Form (watch all videos)
  2. 8 Bar Blues Form
  3. Blues 7th Chords (watch all videos)

Checkpoint 2 – The Key Blues Movement & The Left Hand The right hand must get used to moving in certain ways in order to create the blues sound. You’ll also be able to use this as a nice Gospel sound as well.

  1. 1 to 4 Movement (watch all videos)
  2. Basic Left Hand (watch all videos)

Checkpoint 3 – The Blues Scale and Shape Learn to see the blues scale as a shape and it will take you to a whole different level!

  1. Basic Blues Scale (watch all videos)
  2. The Blues Shape (watch all videos)

Checkpoint 4 – The Mixolydian Mode & Blues Endings Don’t let the name scare you…the Mixolydian Mode is very powerful in the blues.

  1. The Mode (watch all videos)
  2. Basic Blues Ending (watch all videos)

7 – Putting It All Together

Now we are going to take all of the blues tricks from above and weave them into a nice sounding solo.  This is how you will construct solos in the future.  Do this enough and you’ll eventually move between the tricks without even having to think about it!

C Blues Jam 1
C Blues Jam 2

8 – Music Theory for the Blues

Theory is great because it allows you to understand and then create at a new level.  It connects everything together.

7th Chords Trick Basic
7th Chords Trick Intermediate
9th Chords Trick