STEP 4 – The Worship Path
“Gettin’ Great”

Can take between 1 to 6 months or more to complete. Take your time and have fun!

The Worship Path
“Gettin’ Great”

Can take between 1 to 6 months or more to complete. Take your time and have fun!

Don’t Give Up! You’re Almost There

“Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.”Marilyn vos Savant

Step 4 Overview

  • Being Part of the Band


  • Melody Harmonization

    Learn to Harmonize a Melody

  • Theory

    9th, 11th, 13th Chords, Cadences INT,

  • Nashville Numbers

    Think in Numbers…and a NEW WORLD opens up!

  • Ear Training

    Find Key, Figure Out Chords Part 2, Chart a Song, Figure out Lick

  • Jam Time (Chords)

    Play similar song progressions in many keys, Left hand development.

  • Using the Organ

    Tips and Tricks

  • Charts

    Changing Keys

  • Leading on the Piano

    Leading and Signals

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.Galatians 6:9


Find a practice schedule that works for you. Choose a time every day or at least three times a week that you block off to practice. Let your family know : )

Print Checkoff Sheet

Click the link to download and print the check off sheet.  This will be important motivation for you.  Leave it out in the open to remind you what you are working at accomplishing.  >>>Worship Path Step 4<<<

1 – Being Part of the Band

One big sign of musician maturity is learning to be ok with not playing.  Sometimes we play too much…and the song does not need that.

  1. Learn NOT to Play

2 – Melody Harmonization

Keep working on your ability to play melodies and make them sound great with harmony.

  1. Nothing But the Blood

3 – Theory Understanding

  1. 9th Chords
  2. 9th Upper Structure
  3. 11th Chords
  4. 11th Upper Structure
  5. 13th Chords
  6. 13th Upper Structure


*In order to play this following cadences you’ll need to have an advanced ability to see inversions.  If it is too difficult skip this part for now but strive to grow to where you can play these in time.

  1. A 1 6- 2- 5 1
  2. Bb 1 6- 2- 5 1
  3. B 1 6- 2- 5 1

4 – Nashville Numbers (Number System)

The “Number System” is very freeing.  If you can learn to think in numbers then things like transposing and picking songs out by ear comes easier.

  1. Crash Course in Numbers

5 – Ear Training

  1. Figure Out Chords by Ear (Part 2)
  2. Chart a Song in G (Nashville Numbers)
  3. Figure Out Lick (Major Scale)

6 – Jam Time 2 (Chords, Tricks, and More)

Don’t use the transpose button…learn Bb!!!

Key of Bb (4/4 Time)

Before You Start

Note: Understanding the Scale and Diatonic Chords below will help “Connect the Dots” as you go through the lesson.  You don’t have to perfect them…just know what is going on : )

Review: Bb Scale
Review: Bb Diatonic Chords

Chords Used (Bb, Bbsus4, Bbsus2, Eb, F, Gm, Cm, D, Dm, & Slash Chords)
*Similar to the chord progression in songs like “Above All”.

Checkpoint 1 – Grounded in Prayer – Basic Chords

Don’t be afraid of new chords or keys…you can do it!


  1. Prayer and Basic Chords

Checkpoint 2 – Magic Shape

Take your chords out of the “Basic Chord Zone” using the magic shape.

  1. Magic Shape

Checkpoint 3 – Rocking Chords

Use this with the magic shape to build momentum in a song or add a new feel.

  1. Rocking Chords

Checkpoint 4 – Fills

Fill up the space to keep the song from going stale.

  1. Fills

Look at you learning to play in Bb…growing up so fast : )

7 – Using the Organ

Playing the organ in worship is similar to playing pads/strings…but with a few new tricks.  This can really bulk up your sound especially in the chorus and bridge.

  1. Using the Organ in Worship

8 – Chart Stuff

Learn how to change the key of your homemade charts easily.

Changin’ Keys

9 – Leading on the Piano

Tips for playing solo or leading a band from the piano.

Leading from Behind the Piano