STEP 1 – The Worship Path
“The Beginner”

Can take between 1 to 6 months or more to complete. Take your time and have fun!

The Worship Path
“The Beginner”

Can take between 1 to 6 months or more to complete. Take your time and have fun!

It all Starts Here!

“Our goals can only be achieved through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”Pablo Picasso

Step 1 Overview

*Lesson LINKS are further down this page.

  • Setting the Mood for Worship

    Play around in keys, Transition…

  • Basic Random Info

    Kinds of Charts, Left/Right Hand Roles, Comfort (Sit, Arms, Hands), Keyboards, Transpose Function, Finding Charts, Chord and Bass Note Placement…

  • Jam Time (Chords)

    Play similar song progressions in many keys, Left hand development.

  • Sustain Pedal Training

    Seamless Connection, no “Mud”

  • Using Pads/Strings

    What are pads? Choosing sounds, Drone…

  • Theory

    Time Signatures, Triads, Basic Notes, Inversions…

  • Beginner Survival Tactics

    I will survive : )

  • Jam Time 2 (Chords)

    Play familiar song progressions in many keys, Left hand development.

You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.PSALMS 16:11


Find a practice schedule that works for you. Choose a time every day or at least three times a week that you block off to practice. Let your family know : )

Print Checkoff Sheet

Click the link to download and print the checkoff sheet.  This will be important motivation for you.  Leave it out in the open to remind you what you are working at accomplishing.

Worship Path Step 1 (PDF)

1 – Setting the Mood for Worship

Let’s start out with a simple and great sounding way to enter into prayer.  Understanding some ways to “play around” with the chords in your song will give you a powerful dynamic to change the mood of the room.

“Greetings, Yesterday I played “Raindrops” for the first time during communion service. Early this morning (6:30) I very sleepily sat down at the piano and started playing ” Raindrops”. I was waiting on my husband to finish getting ready to go to the church for prayer time. Now here comes the big discovery! Without thinking I started to incorporate a few melody notes here and there of a praise song that I knew. Muscle memory I guess! Anyway, it sounded sooooo awesome! In the future I’ll probably do it more during my quiet times.”
Judy Gerber

  1. Raindrops from Heaven – BASIC (3 Videos)
  2. Raindrops from Heaven – INTERMEDIATE (1 Video)
  3. Up and Down – BASIC (2 Videos)
  4. Up and Down – INTERMEDIATE (1 Video)

Optional Advanced Videos

  1. Raindrops (1 Video)
  2. Up and Down (2 Videos)

2 – Basic Random Info (ya need to know)

It’s a little random…but here are some basic things you need to know.  Keep these things in mind as you go along on your journey!

  1. Different Kinds of Charts
  2. Finding Good Charts
  3. Left Hand and Right Hand Roles
  4. Sit, Arms, and Hands
  5. Kinds of Keyboards
  6. Transpose Function
  7. Play Around Middle C

OPTIONAL: Other Beginner Stuff [in case you need it]

  1. Where is Middle C?
  2. Notes of the Piano (5 Videos)
  3. Whole Steps and Half Steps (2 Videos)

3 – Jam Time (Chords, Tricks, and More)

 Key of G

Before You Start

Note: Understanding the Scale and Diatonic Chords below will help “Connect the Dots” as you go through the lesson.  You don’t have to perfect them…just know what is going on : )

Review: G Scale (ALL videos)
Review: G Diatonic Chords (ONLY video 1)

Chords Used (G, Em, C and D)
*In the Style of “How Great is Our God”.

Checkpoint 1 – Grounded in Prayer – Basic Chords

Hello! I’m excited to help you in your journey. The first thing we need to do is start in prayer. Next we are going to look at some basic chords in the right hand and then move to adding the left hand. Most of the following checkpoints will build off of these chords.

Prayer and Chords

  1. Prayer and Right Hand Chords
  2. Left Hand
  3. Basic Jam Track

Sustain Pedal

Checkpoint 2 – Add Notes and Rocking Chords

I’m going to show you how to add/move notes in your basic chords to give them a little more attitude. This will be great training for your hands…and with enough practice they will soon do these movements on their own. The “Rocking Chords” will help you add intensity to certain parts of a song.

Add Notes

  1. Add Notes
  2. Jam Track

Rocking Chords

  1. Rocking Chords
  2. Jam Track

Checkpoint 3 – New Bass Rhythm, Broken Chords and Transitioning a Speaker

The new bass rhythm will help develop your right and left hands working independently. The beautiful sounds of the “Broken Chords” is going to lead your right into the last video about transitioning a speaker.

New Bass Rhythm

Broken Chords

Transition a Speaker

Checkpoint 4 – Fills (sound pretty)

Learn how to fill up the space with these sweet patterns.


  1. Basic Fills 1
  2. Basic Fills 2


  1. Intermediate Fills 1
  2. Intermediate Fills 2

Checkpoint 5 – Strings and Pads – All Together

Use this to create a prayerful vibe and to bulk up the song.

  1. Strings and Pads

This last video is everything put together. Just watch and enjoy!

  1. All Together


Choose one (or all) of the songs below to work through from Wade’s free YouTube channel.  Notice the different ways to play in the key of G with inversions.  Take some time to expand your skills by applying some of the tricks above to the following songs.

  1. Amazing Grace (My Chains)
  2. Build My Life
  3. 10,000 Reasons (2021 Lesson)

*You can find a big list of songs in the key of G HERE

Celebrate all of your hard work…go get some ice cream!

4 – Sustain Pedal Training

***Do this in case you are having trouble with the Sustain Pedal

  1. The Basics
  2. Training *ONLY do as much as you can/need. (4 Videos)

5 – Pads (Strings and Such)

It’s pretty simple to add PADS/STRINGS to your worship sound.  If you are using a digital keyboard these sounds can often be added to the piano sound.  The best case is to have someone who only plays the pads/strings.  It is also a great way to join a worship team that is low pressure.

  1. Right Hand Drone
  2. Left hand Drone
  3. Pinky Drone

6 – Theory Understanding

The more you know…the more you’ll be able to do.  Don’t skip this : )

  1. Basic Time Signatures *Also teaches you how to hear and know what time signature is being played.
  2. Building Triads
  3. Learning Major Triads (All Videos)
  4. Learning Minor Triads (All Videos)
  5. Basic Inversions Secret (All Videos) *Added on 10/3/2017

OPTIONAL: If You Need Help: Identifying Piano Notes Quickly

Keyboard Note Identification from the FREE site

*If you find yourself counting the alphabet to figure out what note you are playing…you need to stop it : )  See it and know it!

7 – Beginner Survival Tactics

Sometimes it can be a little scary to play with a group…especially when you are first starting out.
Here are a few “Survival Tactics” to use when you feel like you are sinking.

BLOG Goodies:
How to Create Intros with Little Information added 10/23/2017

8 – Jam Time 2 (Chords, Tricks, and More)

Small Habits + Consistency Over Time = Success

Key of C (Fast)

Before You Start

Note: Understanding the Scale and Diatonic Chords below will help “Connect the Dots” as you go through the lesson.  You don’t have to perfect them…just know what is going on : )

Review: C Scale
Review: C Diatonic Chords

Chords Used (C, F, G and Am)
*In the style of “Lord I Lift Your Name On High”

Checkpoint 1 – Grounded in Prayer – INTRO and Basic Chords

The first thing we need to do is start in prayer. Next I will show you the chords using the C Magic Shape.

Prayer and Chords

  1. Prayer
  2. C Magic Shape Explanation
  3. Chord Workout
  4. Basic Jam

Checkpoint 2 – Sustain Pedal and New Rhythms

Keep working on using the sustain pedal correctly so that the chords are connected smoothly.

Sustain Pedal
New Rhythms
Intermission Song : )

Checkpoint 3 – Pentatonic Fills and More

Think Shapes! Fill up the space where nothing else is going on.

Pentatonic Fills
More Fills

Checkpoint 4 – Advanced Bass & Right Hand

CAUTION: This is a little more difficult. If it makes your head hurt…you may want to come back to it later in time.

Advanced Bass & Right Hand

Checkpoint 5 – Setting the Mood


You Are Awesome!