STEP 5 – The Worship Path
“The Leader”

Can take between 1 to 6 months or more to complete. Take your time and have fun!

The Worship Path
“The Leader”

Can take between 1 to 6 months or more to complete. Take your time and have fun!

Everything Comes Together

“Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger.”Dale Carnegie

Step 5 Overview

  • Being Part of the Band

    Listen, Groove, Play Less and More

  • Melody Harmonization

    Learn to Harmonize a Melody

  • Nashville Numbers

    Play One Song in Many Keys

  • Ear Training

    Figure Out Chords Part 3, Chart a Song in D

  • Choosing Singing Keys

    Know the Ranges

  • Lead Sheet Jam (Chords, Tricks and Such)

    Play with a Lead Sheet

  • Sweet Sounding Chords

    The “Anchor Pinky”

  • More Great Sounding Tips/Tricks

    The “Anchor Pinky”

“But it is not this way with you, but the one who is the greatest among you must become like the youngest, and the leader like the servant.”Luke 22:26


Find a practice schedule that works for you. Choose a time every day or at least three times a week that you block off to practice. Let your family know : )

Print Checkoff Sheet

Click the link to download and print the check off sheet.  This will be important motivation for you.  Leave it out in the open to remind you what you are working at accomplishing. 

Worship Path Step 5 (PDF)

1 – Being Part of the Band

Are you Listening?  I hope so!  Are you trying not to overplay?  I hope so!  Now listen for what the song needs.

  1. Play Only what is NEEDED
  2. Transitioning to New Keys (During Worship)

2 – Melody Harmonization

You should now be getting familiar with the process…soon you will be able to do this on your own!

  1. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
  2. Great is Thy Faithfulness

3 – Nashville Numbers

Now it’s time to practice figuring out and playing Nashville Numbers in many different keys. Each link has a chord progression and jam tracks. Workout ALL keys and get familiar with reading numbers.

The links below only go to jam tracks.  You will need to use the download provided on that page to help you figure out what to play.  Start to think in numbers!  If you need to review how this works then click here for a crash course in numbers.

  1. 6m 4 1 5
  2. 1 6m 4 5
  3. 1 2m 4 5 6m
  4. 6/8 time | slash chords | b7 (flat 7)

4 – Ear Training

  1. Figure Out Chords by Ear (Part 3)
  2. Chart Song in D (Lyrics and Nashville Numbers)

5 – Choosing Singing Keys

Learn to pick what is key is best for the “Solo Vocalist” or for the Church to Sing Along With…they are not the same.

Choose Good Singing Keys

6 – Lead Sheet Jam (Chords, Tricks, and More)

Key of B (4/4 Time)

Chords Used (B, F#/B, Bsus4, F#/A, G#m, E, F#, and B/F#)
*Similar to the chord progression in songs like “Lord, I Need You”.

Checkpoint 1 – Grounded in Prayer – Basic Chords

Don’t be afraid of new chords or keys…you can do it!


  1. Prayer and Basic Chords

Checkpoint 2 – Reading a Chart, Intro and Jam

Learn your way around this kind of chart…it’s not too bad : )

  1. The Chart
  2. Intro and Jam

Checkpoint 3 – Magic Shape and Rocking

Not your first attempt at these things…and man do they work!

  1. Magic Shape
  2. Rocking Chords
  3. E add 9 Option

Checkpoint 4 – Groove Patterns and Jam Ideas

Here are some new patterns you can use to sound pro.  You’ll need to work them enough to where your hands don’t have to think any more.

  1. Groove Patterns
  2. Jam Ideas

Checkpoint 5 – Fills

Spice up the spaces a little more with fills.

  1. Fills

Checkpoint 6 (Optional) – Extra

Practice this in other keys.

  1. Other Key Practice

7 – Sweet Sounding Chords

This is a great trick that naturally creates sweet-sounding chords for worship.  You wouldn’t think that keeping your pinky finger in one spot could sound so great…but it does!

The Anchor Pinky (Part 1)
The Anchor Pinky (Part 2)


Perfect for this progression: Am7 G4 F2 C

Nashville Numbers: 6-7 5(add4) 4(add9) 1

Using this trick will immediately help you achieve the “modern worship sound” for piano.  Just keep your right-hand pinky in one spot…you won’t regret it!!

Trick Explanation

C Example
G Example 
D Example
E Example
A Example
F# Example


Key of A “Next Level” Tips

Key of A Worship (Slow)  |  (Songs with A, E, F#m, D, A/C#, A/E, G, D/F#, Esus)
*Similar to the chord progression in songs like “Shout to the Lord”.

Keep learning the subtleties of great players.  Observe what the teacher does and use the jam track over and over until your hands start to make these movements.

Next Level Tips

2m to 1 Trick

By moving between only two chords you’ll be able to create some sweet-sounding fills!

Key of C – Similar to the bridge chords in songs like “Stand in Your Love”.
Key of D – Similar to the chords in songs like “Open the Eyes of My Heart”.



Choose one song in each key to work through from Wade’s free YouTube channel.  Take some time to expand your skills by applying some of the tricks that you have learned to the following songs.

Key of F#/Gb

Reckless Love
Who You Say I Am

Key of Ab

Goodness of God

*You can find a big list of songs in those keys HERE