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"I'm a Soul Man!"

Download Printable Checkoff Sheet (PDF): Blues in C - Next Level

*Checkpoints can be divided into daily, weekly or monthly lessons. Choose a speed that works for you.

Checkpoint 1 - 9th Chords and the Right Hand Pattern

Take the chords to the next level by making them 9th chords. Tasty! The right hand pattern is an extension of the 1 to 4 movement.

  1. Blues 9th Chords (watch all videos)
  2. The Right Hand Pattern (watch all videos)
  3. Left Hand Blues Lines (watch all video)

Checkpoint 2 - The Blues Scale and Drone Notes

Move around the scale with ease. See the "Blues Shape" and give it a sweet sound by using drone notes (notes that don't move).

  1. Blues Scale (watch all videos)
  2. C Blues Drone Notes (watch all videos)

Checkpoint 3 - Shape 1 to Shape 2 & Tremolos

Seeing your Blues Scale in shapes will help you move across the entire piano doing fun blues licks. Then...shake it up with Tremolos.

  1. The Shapes (watch all videos)
  2. Tremolos (watch all videos)

Checkpoint 4 - 6th Interval and Blues Endings

Moving a 6th interval up and down the mixolydian scale creates a sweet blues sound.

  1. Blues 6th Interval (watch all videos)
  2. Blues Ending (watch all videos)