Training for Church - Part 8

Part 8

B ready to play in B

Download Printable Checkoff List (PDF): Training for Church Part 8

*Checkpoints can be divided into daily, weekly or monthly lessons. Choose a speed that works for you.

Part 8

Key of B (4/4 Time)

Chords Used (B, F#/B, Bsus4, F#/A, G#m, E, F#, and B/F#)
*Similar to the chord progression in songs like "Lord, I Need You".

Checkpoint 1 - Grounded in Prayer - Basic Chords

Don't be afraid of new chords or can do it!


  1. Prayer and Basic Chords

Checkpoint 2 - Reading a Chart, Intro and Jam

Learn your way around this kind of's not too bad : )

  1. The Chart
  2. Intro and Jam

Checkpoint 3 - Magic Shape and Rocking

Not your first attempt at these things...and man do they work!

  1. Magic Shape
  2. Rocking Chords
  3. E add 9 Option

Checkpoint 4 - Groove Patterns and Jam Ideas

Here are some new patterns you can use to sound pro.  You'll need to work them enough to where your hands don't have to think any more.

  1. Groove Patterns
  2. Jam Ideas

Checkpoint 5 - Fills

Spice up the spaces a little more with fills.

  1. Fills

Checkpoint 6 (Optional) - Extra

Practice this in other keys.

  1. Other Key Practice

Who knew you could "B" so awesome?!  Ok, that was bad...sorry.