How the Lessons Work provides a variety of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced piano lessons online.  Many of the lessons are FREE and cover subjects such as blues, country, scales, worship and much more.  Before you dive into the site you need to first learn how to use it.  Here is a video on “How the Lessons Work”.

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  1. Thank you so much for providing this site to learn the piano, I am 48 years old have always wanted to play the piano in church, Ive never taken lessons but have taught my self a few basics, I am excited to be able to learn through this site and in the future be finally able to play in church.

    1. I’m so happy and blessed that I can help. I am here to serve…so keep working hard and let me know if you need anything. Peace, Wade

  2. HELLO Wade. So sorry to here you broke your finger.I am a new comer.looking forward to learning . from you i have been on my own teaching my self .but need to advance and get better.ty much I will be praying for that finger . for total complete healing ty

  3. Hi all just starting myself! I have tried learning myself watching different video’s but hopefully signing up for your course will help me understand more! Ty! 🎹🎶

    1. Good luck on the journey! Make sure and check out the curriculum part of the site (under lessons)…that will help keep you on track. All the best! -wade
      P.S. Welcome to the site!

  4. Hey Wade, I just wanted to thank you here from Clatskanie Oregon! I have watched many many of your YouTube tutorials on playing and I’ve study many other places, but you stand out to me for two reasons, one, you are teaching from a perspective of learning how to play, and not so much learning particular songs. As well as because your prayer before each lesson, and eye on learning to praise the Lord and not for our own ability. I just found this website (which I assume is fairly new) from the cheat sheets URL ^_^ lol I was curious where you hid the pdf so that people could only get it when they subscribe hahaha, nice job on that sir. Anyways, I have only been playing about two months now, but you have been a great help, I’ve shown my sister who also is learning of your lessons, and will continue to point people looking to learn, straight to you. You are a great teacher, and I thank you, please keep doing what your doing, and God bless my man! 🙂

    1. Hello from Levelland Texas! Thank you for the message and the feedback 🙂 God has truly given me the vision for this site…and I’ve been very blessed especially because of great people like you. Keep up the good work and good luck on your learning journey. A big thanks to you and your sister for pointing people to the site! Peace in Him, Wade

      P.S. I’ve never been to Oregon…what should I do if I go someday??

      1. You should for one stop by our lil ‘ol church Gateway Worship Center ^_^ lol but also, you could see some of the more touristy towns like Medford and Ashland! I lived in both and they are very quite beautiful! Great Hiking regions.. But I never done too much in terms of exploration seeing as I’m only 18 right now. Hahaha! But Southern and Eastern Oregon are very much similar to California in temperature, but less humid, and if you come by northern, lemme know! 🙂 At very least I’d love to at least say hi as you pass through. hahaha, anyways, I will be watching the site and your channel. 😀 Oh btw, if you do come by, I have actually done website development and management before, so if you don’t already have anyone working on it I’d be glad to lend a hand if you feel that’d help. Blessings to ya, Dante.

        1. I appreciate everything! I’ll be sure to let you know if I’m ever over that way. I’m pretty solid on the site right now but thank you for the offer. Blessings! -wade

  5. I finally took the plunge and signed up for lessons. Very excited to learn, even though I have to wait until late at night when the kids go to sleep and I am extremely exhausted! Oh well, that’s the sacrifice that must be made.

  6. Hello Wade,
    I’ve just signed up for the courses after trying out the free lessons, Now can’t wait getting home to start.
    Just to say a big “THANK YOU SO MUCH” for making those lessons and for the way you teach with taking in account that for people like me give up easily when theory is getting boring.
    You made things so easy to understand….and to practice.
    Your courses are a huge blessing for me….May God bless you beyond all your expectations Wade!!!!

    1. Hey Kayser! You are very welcome. I hope that my lessons continue to help you grow as a musician! You can do this! God bless you too and I pray for you on your journey. In Him, Wade

  7. Hello Wade! I am excited to take your lessons as I want to play in our church along with our band. We have a grand piano that I hope to play since no one else plays it. We have 2 keyboard players so I can help out when needed. I currently sing on our praise team. I took lessons as a kid but am teaching myself again. I know your lessons can help me. Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Dorothy! Yes…please make that grand piano sing! It needs someone to make beautiful music flow from it. I pray the best for your learning journey. Keep up the good work! -wade

  8. Enjoying the site so far. My only preference is more material on the gospel genre. Everything thing else seems to be covered.

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